Every Rose Has It's Thorn

Every Rose Has It's Thorn

Friday, October 8

Nervous Hands & Anxious Smiles

To be or Not to be, That is the Question.

Decision Making.

Im the worlds worst at making decisions. I can barely decide where I want to eat, much less bigger decisions that are life changing.

what if nobody likes me?
what if i dont succeed?
what if i dont get anywhere at all?
will i consider myself a failure?
what if he doesnt like me?
what if im not his type?
what if i meet the right one and screw it up?
what if they dont like me?
what if they think im a joke?
what if they act nice to my face but they hate me and i dont even know?
what if they end up stabbing me in the back?
will i consider myself a failure?
will i fight back?

I cant live my life always worrying about what if, cause what if i die tomorrow and i never even know?


You gotta live YOUR like and learn where you stand. If you dont stand for something, Youll fall for anything.

 Im still learning who I am and what Im about.

but at 16, who isnt?

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