Every Rose Has It's Thorn

Every Rose Has It's Thorn

Friday, October 8

Nervous Hands & Anxious Smiles

To be or Not to be, That is the Question.

Decision Making.

Im the worlds worst at making decisions. I can barely decide where I want to eat, much less bigger decisions that are life changing.

what if nobody likes me?
what if i dont succeed?
what if i dont get anywhere at all?
will i consider myself a failure?
what if he doesnt like me?
what if im not his type?
what if i meet the right one and screw it up?
what if they dont like me?
what if they think im a joke?
what if they act nice to my face but they hate me and i dont even know?
what if they end up stabbing me in the back?
will i consider myself a failure?
will i fight back?

I cant live my life always worrying about what if, cause what if i die tomorrow and i never even know?


You gotta live YOUR like and learn where you stand. If you dont stand for something, Youll fall for anything.

 Im still learning who I am and what Im about.

but at 16, who isnt?

Wednesday, October 6

Change is the only thing that is Constant.

People Change, WHY?

Everyone one changes, Everyone does at least something the said they never would, and Most people turn into the person the swore they'd never be. We're teenagers, I don't care if your 13 or 18.. youre changing.. constantly. I think we change because we don't know who we are yet, and that's okay. 
"Some of us change because we're afraid of the past repeating, Some of us change because we're afraid of the future, Some of us change because we're simply afraid of ourselves, and Some of us seem like we're changing, When in reality we were never in any way constant to begin with." -katie inman
 No one stays the same all the way through adolescence. So why are we constantly judging, assuming things, shit talking, and going off on each other? Because when your at a content, constant place in your life, everyone that is going through a change or just something that's not content.. You feel almost supperior to them, You feel like "dude its not that hard, get over it" because maybe you already went through it. But if you have, think back.. I bet you messed up a few times.. & if you haven't gone through whatever they are, then you defiantly don't need to be judging their decisions because you cant justify them. & lastly, if you know someones changing, but you don't know exactly why or what theyre going though... you sure as hell just need to mind your own business. If you do anything at all.. you ask them if theyre okay and you be their friend. You don't make assumptions, because you might think you know something, but guess what darling... you could have it all wrong.

Reminisce ...

Why does the past always seem so much better than it is? Why do we hold on to memories so tightly? Why do we over analyze and pick and tear apart every instance of our past thinking how we could have changed them or how we would just kill to get that moment back?
"The past always seems better than it was, The present always seems worse than it is, and The future always seems less resolved than it will be." -unknown

On the other hand, what about the future? For some people its exciting, and others its scary. But one think is for certain... its unknown. Sure, we have our expectations.. but sometimes its best not to have any. Sure, its great to dream and be excited for the rest of your life that you have ahead of you. But dont get caught up in trying to live in the future. You can only do so much planning without going crazy and feeling like you have no life. That feeling comes from not participating in the things going on around you, right now. Have an idea of where and what you want to do, but dont assume it will happen and don't make it the only option.

Sieze the day..

 You cant plan your future until you plan your right now. Eternity exsists of nows. Just live your life, right now is all you have.
"Sometimes expectations sell us short. Sometimes the expected simply pales in comparison to the unexpected. You've got to wonder why we cling to our expectations, because the expected is just what keeps us steady. Standing. Still, the expected is just the beginning, the unexpected is what changes our lives." -Greys Anatomy
I know you've heard all the philosophies tell you to "Live it up and Have no regrets and Party hard" and those are true, but thats not what this is about. Its about accepting the fine lines between the different kinds of living. Anything can happen tomorrow and turn all your nice little plans upside down, so dont spend your whole life being causious and planning every little detail.

                     LIVE A LITTLE